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Takiyah Williams

Client’s have suggested 'K's for the Kulture' and it's a name I willfully adopted as I bring my clients their dream brand throughout every time zone!

Most times, clients come to me because they aren’t in love with their brand, they’re ready for a complete transformation, or ready to bring in their ideal clients through the power of strong branding. Here at K's, this is our specialty!

Since 2017, I’ve delivered exceptional design services. Whether you’re looking for an expert to add the finishing touches to your website or advice about an extensive design revamp, I’m the go-to source for all your visual needs.



K's Kreative was founded in October of 2017!


I have MULTIPLE talents. I am a singer, dancer, song writer, event decorator, graphic and brand designer... and I even know how to do hair!


I am born and raised in Miami, FL! As the people from there would say '305 To My City'


I enjoy working, traveling, hanging out with my loved ones, and relaxing!


Aquarius are the BEST! My birthday is January 21st, 1997. I am currently 24 years old


I OVERLOVE Spongebob! This is my all time favorite show + tv character!


My favorite color is PINK.... if you've been following me for quite some time, this is a color that has not changed in my branding!


I've only worked one job before I went full time with designing. That one job was... CHUCK E CHEESE

I create the tools needed to stand out in a crowded market, giving my clients a creative and professional boost.

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