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Takiyah Williams (Ta-Kee-Yuh) is a beautiful African American 23 year old woman born and raised in Miami, FL. As a young girl, Takiyah always showed a sense of artistry, originality, and creativity being that her talents ranged from singing, dancing, party decorations and graphic designing. 

Takiyah attended Mater Academy Charter High School in Miami, FL, where she cheered, danced and even became the leader of an amazing Black History Show for 2 years, at a predominately white school. She graduated from Mater as Cum Laude. After graduating from Mater in 2015, Takiyah left Miami, and attended Savannah State University in Savannah, GA. Her studies were Business Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship. After obtaining an AA degree, and starting her business, Takiyah realized school was not in her best interest anymore. Instead she wanted to focus on her business. Some would call it, a leap of faith. 

Forming K's Kreative Designs in 2017, Takiyah's business instantly skyrocketed and continues to expand more and more everyday. Keeping God first, Takiyah prays over her business and seeks for ways to better the company.

K's Kreative has been featured in magazines, various YouTube videos, Vendor Lists, etc. 


She wishes to provide all of her customers with the upmost professional customer service, provide high quality graphic designs, and become the most successful businesswoman and entrepreneur she can possibly be. 

Takiyah always remind herself and others to take their talents and maximize it!