Fun Facts About Me!

• I publish under Geneva L. Sarcedo, but my middle name actually starts with M... I did this to avoid having the same citation as my twin sister, and then she hyphenated her last name and hasn't published since her dissertation • My fantasy dream job is to be a writer/factoid researcher for Pop-Up Video • I share my birthday with my twin, our oldest brother (so my dad has 3 kids with the same birthday!), my 5th grade teacher, current nextdoor neighbor, David Hasselhoff, and Angela Merkel • My favorite movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz and I have had a Wizard of Oz wall calendar in my office every year since my very first professional job • I have one tattoo: The logo of the APA Publication Manual on my left wrist. It represents the constant yet evolving support I received throughout my education and career