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  • Refund Policy
    All projects are subject to a complete 100% non-refundable payment from client. Please understand that under no circumstance can a refund be given especially after work (including proofs) has been issued and/or labor has begun. No refunds are given for any promotional sale prices. If for any reason client cancels services, no payment shall be reimbursed and becomes forfeited by the client. Once promotional items have been shipped and delivered, no refund shall be reimbursed unless items are defective. I am always excited to work with you all and I never like to feel as though the relationship is negative between a client and I but if at any time, I feel client is being negligent, hostile, disrespectful, etc. I reserve to right to withdraw from the project! If project has already been started, the payment becomes forfeited and no refunds will be given. If the project has not yet been started, all monies will be refunded and the project will come to a close!
  • Payments & Deposits
    Payments are submitted through the website ONLY! This is to ensure that your order is in queue, noted and done on time. All purchases under $400, must be paid in full. Any purchases over $400 require a non-refundable 50% deposit which is to be paid before your order is started. After your order is complete, you will need to submit the other half of the total to receive final items.
  • Website Information
    For website information, there is a website checklist in the menu at the top of the site and at very bottom of my website under quick links. Please refer to the document for everything I'll need in order to successfully complete your website. All information MUST be emailed to
  • Turnaround Times
    All artwork takes 10 -15 business days. This includes Logos, Flyers, Business Cards, Etc. Business days does NOT include weekends which makes the turnaround time about 3-4 weeks. If you need your logo in a rush, that is perfectly fine, rush fees are available. Rush fees on these items are 3-4 business days. Packages have a turnaround time of 10 - 20 business days IF AND ONLY IF all information is submitted and there is no additional information needed. Please note that multiple revisions can cause delays that are longer than the normal turnaround time. Websites / Website Revamps takes 10 - 20 business days IF AND ONLY IF all information is submitted. Business days does NOT include weekends which makes the turnaround time 3-5 weeks. This is ONLY if the customer has provided the correct material and ALL of the material for their website. It is better for the customer to submit information in a word document or ONE big email. Please be advised if you submit multiple emails with different information, you will be asked to submit a word document or one email. If you need your website in a rush, thats perfectly fine, rush fees are available. Rushed orders for sites are 7 - 10 business days. Turnaround times can be extended if there is a high volume of orders, illness, natural disasters, etc. Customers will be notified at that time if there is a delay.
  • Communication
    All communication shall be done strictly via email. I currently do NOT accept phone calls/phone consultations due to needing a paper trail. K's Kreative Designs works consistently to get orders out. Please be advised there will be no constant contact once your order has been submitted or during the creation period of your design. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR ORDER IS NOT BEING WORKED ON, OR HAS BEEN OVERLOOKED. If you have any questions about your order during this time, no problem, simply email and we will be more than happy to respond. Orders are created faster and better when there are no constant interruptions.
  • Logo Information
    Logos have a turnaround time of 10 - 15 business days. Final files are sent in the following formats: PNG, JPG, and PDF. All other files are sent upon request such as EPS, SVG, etc. PSD or AI files are sent for an additional fee.
  • Design Content
    It is imperative to have a vision of some sort for your brand. Please keep in mind that when you ask me to FREESTLYE, our visions may not match or align. This may lead to mupltiple revisions, and sometimes disagreements between the customer and I. It is best to have a least a small concept so that the designer has something to work with. Having a small vision such as the colors, font choices, or the entire look you're going for makes a BIG difference.
  • Shipping
    Please note this is ONLY for those who have ordered items that need to be shipped. Once you confirm the design of your product, it will then prepare for print and shipment. This means your product will be printed out, and looked over again in case of any mistakes. This could take about two days. If it is the weekend, your shipment will not be mailed out until the next business day. All packages are sent via UPS. A tracking number will be provided once your order has shipped. ​ PLEASE make sure your shipping information/address is CORRECT. K's Kreative is not responsible for your package once it has been shipped off. If you should have a problem with delivery, it is suggested that you call your local post office and give them your tracking number in efforts to resolve the issue. Please note that due to COVID-19 there ARE shipping delays and delivery dates are estimate dates and can be delayed beyond that time. It is completely out of K's Kreative control.
  • Ghost Policy
    Client must provide all information requested for a project in a timely manner. If there is a delay on your behalf, the completion date of your project changes. Clients must keep communication going and if more time is needed to gather information, that is to be discussed along with check-ins. We are aware that life happens, and unforeseen circumstances may occur, we just ask that you kindly notify us! After 45 days of no communication, there will be a $150 restart fee. After 90 days (3 months), your project is forfeited, and no refund shall be issued. Your entire project will come to a close! As K's Kreative values your time, we ask that you value ours. Ghosting then revisiting your project several months later without prior notification severely messes up our schedule. It is not fair to those customers who came prepared, ready with their information. Please note we will adhere and ENFORCE this policy!
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