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In this 42 page book, you will get a more in depth version of the free branding checklist e-book. This book will go through each checkpoint giving you information and work sheet pages to complete in order to properly assist you with having everything you need for a thriving brand. 


You may ask yourself, why do I need this book if I already have a brand? The answer to that is, just because you having an active business, does not mean you have properly went through everything as far as having the proper brand strategy, brand identity, and brand touchpoints. It is never to late to revisit the drawing board! 


I firmly believe that once you complete this book, you will be able to walk in a room and confidently speak upon your brand! You will be able to easily express your mission, brand values, target audience, etc. 


Once finished, please let us know how you liked the book in order to recieve $$$ off your next project with us! 

The Ultimate Branding Checklist

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